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                                                             Little Presque Isle

Natural Area - 430 acres
Wilderness Area - 8.6 acre island

Seven miles northwest of Marquette

Birdwatching, camping (nearby), swimming (nearby), hunting, hiking, geologic exploration, photography

The Little Presque Isle is often called the crown jewel of Lake Superior, with its beautiful sand beaches, rugged shoreline cliffs, heavily timbered forests, and unmatched public views.

Little Presque Isle includes sandstone cliffs that reach nearly 60 feet high toward the base of Sugar Loaf Mountain. One kind of bedrock, granitic, that occurs here is the least common bedrock type along the Great Lakes shoreline, with less than eight miles occurring in total. This is one of three areas where the public can see these 2.3 billion year old formations in Michigan.
The proposed wilderness area is a local landmark, which has significant historical value. The island was reportedly connected to the mainland sometime prior to the 1930s and was a landing place for early explorers and native inhabitants. Roughly 100 yards off the mainland, the island is accessible by wading hip deep water and offers and opportunity for solitude in a unique and scenic setting.
This land has retained its natural character, and its location next to Lake Superior and its variable terrain and timber types provide a rare and unique setting in our state. With over four miles of captivating Lake Superior shoreline and opportunities for quiet and scenic recreation, the area is dear to the heart of local residents